Our Company

Heijboer Transport knows all-in & outs of the Transport world related to Great Britain and (northern)-Ireland. Our core-business, for more than 25 years, contains the selfdrive (accompanied) transport from/to the Benelux to the named region. With over one hundred departures towards Great Britain and some 30-40 into (northern)-Ireland we have developed ourselves to one of the greatest Dutch U.K.-specialists of this area.

Transport experience
Your respected cargo will be handled with the utmost care and attention. Swift & accurate in agreement with your expectations, our history of some 70 years of experience will assure such. Regardless of groupage, part-loads or full loads, we will offer you a fitting solution. Pallets, crates drums or IMC’s, all will be transported and delivered safely.

Door-to-door delivery
More than 95 percent is offered on a door-to-door basis without transhipment or interfearance by 3rd. party. Potential damage or missing cargo will therefore be restricted to a minimum.

More than 70 years of experience

  • Transport & expedition with over 70 years of experienced transport
  • Over 25 years of specialism between Benelux, England, Wales, Scotland and (northern)-Ireland
  • Groupage, part- and full loads
  • 95% of our groupage delivered on delivery-on-wheels
  • A own fleet of over 95 units with multiple types of trailers
  • Roller-bed-trailers for airfreight
  • 50 percent of our fleet consisting of Road-trains110 M3) and Mega-trailers with a 2nd. floor ( 100 M3)
  • Efficient Logistic Centre in Etten-leur with a capacity of 19.000 M2
  • 24 cross-dock-facilities, Warehousing of over 8.000 (racked) pallet-spaces
  • Ideally located in the triangle Rotterdam, Antwerpen & Ruhr-area (Germany)

Heijboer Transport (17)

Heijboer Transport (7)